Oh sweet Macarons

The Patisserie and bread-making scene has picked up greatly here in the past few years, much to our taste buds and appetites’ delight. Thanks to places like Vovotelo, Dresden Bakery, Cobblestones etc we’re able to once again – since our trip to Europe, or the enlightened bakeries in the big cities of SA – dine on those delicious aromas, textures and tastes!

Now after many attempts at recreating it’s shape, texture and sweetness, Ginger Pops in Port Elizabeth will be selling the widely loved and lovingly devoured, French Macaron! With it’s beautiful variety of colours, flavours and fillings, these little treats are perfect on wedding tables, will brighten up party favours and dessert buffets, they’re delicious gifts for fellow sweet appreciators, and of course, a great treat to spoil yourself  with!

Should you want to order some macarons feel free to follow the link to my Facebook page for my email address!


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Monanimals for sale

Sadly I have to say goodbye to my little creations T-T But there’s no fear in selling them to make them the happy, loving belongings of someone who loves them! More are on their way! One’s with sewn-in, battery-free speakers for mp3 players, ipods etc, crazy hair clip monanimals and many others to tickle your fancy. Each one is one of a kind and wants to be yours!



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Sugary bliss and anime appreciation <3

Another birthday has made way for yet another awesome day of character sculpting and cake making! Inspiration for this theme goes to the Japanese anime classic “My neighbour Totoro” created and produced by Studio Ghibli ❤

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! I wish I would  try  to stay in one place long enough to make hundreds of colourful delights! this, but travelling…. *sigh* Travelling is just so awesome. can someone invent a backpack oven for me please!!!

Yeah… I don’t really feel like writing much at the moment… weather…. is…. so …. hot… *dies

Merry Christmas fellow sweet lovers

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