Cupcakes are boring? Myth busted!!!!

For the love of disproving THAT theory, cupcakes are in fact not boring at all! These cupcake toppers were a win for the birthday boy :)… and they were oodles of fun to make.

Jamie and Adam perched on top of some decadent fudge-like Vanilla cupcakes.

By Ginger Pops

By Ginger Pops


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My Donkey named Stubborn.

So… Ginger Pops has now morphed from a “Cupcake purist” to an “everything and anything that’s a challenge goes”.  When I look back on how much I’ve changed and how, in the beginning, I stubbornly steered clear of novelty cake orders (for the simple reason that it was a daunting challenge that my pastry chef studies failed to prepare me for.
Being that naive, however, is commonly short lived, and within 2 months of opening my business I had too many birthday cake requests to turn down. Since then, I haven’t looked back.

It just goes to show how sometimes we can stubbornly lodge ourselves in what we comfortably know, sometimes even to an illogical extent. The ideas are there, but the energy and confidence to make it happen, are not.
That’s not to say that everyone is like that, I’ve met many people who are really out there with new ideas and don’t hesitate to try new things, something I  aspire to be capable of doing eventually.

So these are some of the cakes I’ve made over the past 2.5 years, each one I had to work out and teach myself to make. I’ve always preferred using actual pictures of the different characters/ themes as apposed to copying from other cakes barring some frill techniques etc. Some of the techniques I learnt from the very kind Cakers out there that have made tutorials, while my figurine making I have worked out for myself.

Enjoy this chance to procrastinate 😉

❤ Ginger Pops

Image8-bit Mario for the love of my life’s birthday ❤

ImageTaiwanese Lion mask for Shun Wu Tang Kung fu school in PE’s Shifu.

ImageJake the dog from Adventure Time made from caramel mud cake with coffee cream. For my Adventure Time crazy friend.

ImageOrange mini wedding cake

ImageRed Velvet frog pops.

ImageOwls in the woods for a 3rd birthday. Red velvet cupcakes and chocolate fudge cake.

ImageAvengers cupcakes for friends! Chocolate and Vanilla fudge cupcakes

Image Chocolate and caramel pincushion cupcakes with white chocolate pins.

ImageShaun the Sheep for a friend.

ImageChocolate fudge Christening cupcakes, “In the wild” theme.

ImageA Bridal fair sample 🙂

ImageBreaking Bad cake made with banana cake and peanutbutter cream.


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This morning I woke up to a message from a friend telling me that TOKYOPOP had shared my Naruto cupcakes picture on their page! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, it was such an awesome surprise! I love anime and TOKYOPOP, and got a friend addicted to Naruto which then gave me the reason to finally make those cupcakes!!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog since cake decorating has taken up most of my time, but you can see more on Ginger Pops facebook page which is my business’s actual name 🙂

Thank you for all the likes and shares everyone 🙂





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Oh sweet Macarons

The Patisserie and bread-making scene has picked up greatly here in the past few years, much to our taste buds and appetites’ delight. Thanks to places like Vovotelo, Dresden Bakery, Cobblestones etc we’re able to once again – since our trip to Europe, or the enlightened bakeries in the big cities of SA – dine on those delicious aromas, textures and tastes!

Now after many attempts at recreating it’s shape, texture and sweetness, Ginger Pops in Port Elizabeth will be selling the widely loved and lovingly devoured, French Macaron! With it’s beautiful variety of colours, flavours and fillings, these little treats are perfect on wedding tables, will brighten up party favours and dessert buffets, they’re delicious gifts for fellow sweet appreciators, and of course, a great treat to spoil yourself  with!

Should you want to order some macarons feel free to follow the link to my Facebook page for my email address!

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Take outs <3

The Chinese community here in Port Elizabeth have a tradition of serving chow mein at a party when it’s someone’s birthday. The long noodles represent long life, and it’s tasty! So for our Kung Fu teacher, I was asked to make a cake that could be eaten quickly during training, given to him to take home afterwards for his family, and something that looked cool. Last year I made him a Dragon cake, this year I made him this :


Cupcakes and cake were made with dark chocolate cake layered with peanutbutter cream!

by Ginger Pops

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“Let them have cupcakes…”

she said with a strange combination of indifference and concern. Cake is ALWAYS a good solution to any problem. Save for the odd one or two issues that it would act only to perpetuate the situation.

She glances at the multitudes of children, lovingly devouring the sugary decorations that adorn each cupcake. Little giraffes bidding their tree-top hideouts farewell, Dr Zoidberg standing menacingly, waiting for the end which is apparently “nigh”, and a comical Spongebob, joyfully oblivious to the danger ahead.

Cupcakes = love in mah mouth

❤ ❤ ❤

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Time for Tea

Time for Tea ❤

Here it is, just the begining of my plan to take over the world with cupcakes of all shapes and sizes!

Soon to be based in the beautiful coastal city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa… where the sun shines, the wind blows, and yes… creativity flows, bust mostly a place where there’s ALWAYS time for tea.

Making cheescakes, chocolate cakes, carrot cakes, fruity cakes and fruit cakes, nutty cakes, not-even cakes, really cakes, tea cakes, cupcakes, wedding cakes, death by chocolate cakes, every-dessert cakes…. and TARTS.


Filled or topped with chocolate cream, cheesecake frosting, berry mousse, pina colada swirl, every-flavour buttercream, plain and delicious melted chocolate ganache, lemon fristing, every-kinda-delicious- licquer type mousse’s, Italian meringue, toffee cream and more on request!


your choice of decoration ❤


For functions, parties, company events, festivals, carnivals, store openings and tea parties ❤


delicious fun!

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Wild lions I have known

So after a cupcake-free month, filled instead with determined Monanimal sewing, I have been asked to make African animal cupcakes for a christening… they left me with  loads of room for colours, and these are probably the brightest christening sweets I’ve ever seen! Why not! Who said babies could only like pale blues or pinks anyway!

This is the first layered cake I’ve done in a VERY long time, and I was really happy to see that it actually looked FINE! I’m not a fan of covering cakes with fondant icing, but it came out alright all the same. Cupcakes are still THE BEST

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Naruto cupcakes!!

Simple vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing!

These characters and the “Naruto” logo are COPYRIGHT(c)MASASHI KISHIMOTO… Thanks to him  for such an epic, funny, sad, action-filled, entertaining anime!

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