My Donkey named Stubborn.

So… Ginger Pops has now morphed from a “Cupcake purist” to an “everything and anything that’s a challenge goes”.  When I look back on how much I’ve changed and how, in the beginning, I stubbornly steered clear of novelty cake orders (for the simple reason that it was a daunting challenge that my pastry chef studies failed to prepare me for.
Being that naive, however, is commonly short lived, and within 2 months of opening my business I had too many birthday cake requests to turn down. Since then, I haven’t looked back.

It just goes to show how sometimes we can stubbornly lodge ourselves in what we comfortably know, sometimes even to an illogical extent. The ideas are there, but the energy and confidence to make it happen, are not.
That’s not to say that everyone is like that, I’ve met many people who are really out there with new ideas and don’t hesitate to try new things, something I  aspire to be capable of doing eventually.

So these are some of the cakes I’ve made over the past 2.5 years, each one I had to work out and teach myself to make. I’ve always preferred using actual pictures of the different characters/ themes as apposed to copying from other cakes barring some frill techniques etc. Some of the techniques I learnt from the very kind Cakers out there that have made tutorials, while my figurine making I have worked out for myself.

Enjoy this chance to procrastinate 😉

❤ Ginger Pops

Image8-bit Mario for the love of my life’s birthday ❤

ImageTaiwanese Lion mask for Shun Wu Tang Kung fu school in PE’s Shifu.

ImageJake the dog from Adventure Time made from caramel mud cake with coffee cream. For my Adventure Time crazy friend.

ImageOrange mini wedding cake

ImageRed Velvet frog pops.

ImageOwls in the woods for a 3rd birthday. Red velvet cupcakes and chocolate fudge cake.

ImageAvengers cupcakes for friends! Chocolate and Vanilla fudge cupcakes

Image Chocolate and caramel pincushion cupcakes with white chocolate pins.

ImageShaun the Sheep for a friend.

ImageChocolate fudge Christening cupcakes, “In the wild” theme.

ImageA Bridal fair sample 🙂

ImageBreaking Bad cake made with banana cake and peanutbutter cream.



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The sweet things in life

Another month of a baking rush only this time, instead of the seething rays of the sun beating down upon my makeshift workshop,  this month has seen my doors fighting to stand strong against billions of buckets worth of rain.

Initially, when I started Ginger Pops ( my cupcake business), I’d thought to keep it simple and only offer elaborately decorated, dessert -like cupcakes, but now, thanks to the confidence of friends and a “word of mouth” advertising frenzy, I have all sorts of requests that I can’t bring myself to turn down. I’m not one to say I’m unable to do something without at least trying and practising to first. So it’s a cake adventure to recreate anything and everything in edible form.

This has however been the cause of my new somewhat hermit life in my workshop, with a lot less time to travel for the time being…

soon I will get back into seeing the world, on a more part time basis of course, and then I shall take my crazy cupcake ideas along with me!

A Victorian tea

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