The sweet things in life

Another month of a baking rush only this time, instead of the seething rays of the sun beating down upon my makeshift workshop,  this month has seen my doors fighting to stand strong against billions of buckets worth of rain.

Initially, when I started Ginger Pops ( my cupcake business), I’d thought to keep it simple and only offer elaborately decorated, dessert -like cupcakes, but now, thanks to the confidence of friends and a “word of mouth” advertising frenzy, I have all sorts of requests that I can’t bring myself to turn down. I’m not one to say I’m unable to do something without at least trying and practising to first. So it’s a cake adventure to recreate anything and everything in edible form.

This has however been the cause of my new somewhat hermit life in my workshop, with a lot less time to travel for the time being…

soon I will get back into seeing the world, on a more part time basis of course, and then I shall take my crazy cupcake ideas along with me!

A Victorian tea


May 14, 2011. Tags: , , , , , , , , . Cupcakes, Sweeties.


  1. Cathy replied:

    These are so amazing! Please, where are you? Can they be mailed? I have a friend in the USA I’d love to gift some to. She’s a huge fan of “victorian” anything. I need them to go out to her in the first couple weeks of December.
    Oh please tell me it’s possible!

    • beckmakescakes replied:

      Hi Cathy! Have emailed a response to you!

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