Let’s grace the cobbled walkways <3

Pretty Munchen <3

One day I will walk across all the lands, each step a sip from the cup of culture, each glance a memory painted on my heart. I have no need for the pictures on the sidewalks, my caricature artistically and somewhat offensively portrayed on the canvas of a skilled travelling artist. Instead let’s endeavour to enjoy pleasant jabbering of the middle aged Italian hairdresser, overjoyed to have another client to tell her story to, even if it might not really be understood. A night of point-and-shoot conversations to see which word might be understood by the other, always followed by overjoyed “Ah ha’s”, head nodding and laughing at the moment of understanding!

SDC12785Let’s walk along the cobbled streets of Florence, risking our lives in the simple task of crossing the road, or casually stroll into the backdrop of a stranger’s photograph, smiling your biggest, cheekiest smile as you sneak past. Relaxing with a strong but delicious Esspresso at the foot of an ancient monument… giggling at the abundance of tourists – and their interaction with these new surroundings – even though we are tourists too.

Heading back to the hostel proves an adventure every time thanks to the uselessness of the pedestrian crossings and the arrival into the long passageways with their old convent ambience. Simple bedroom decor with a view of the Seven Saints cathedral sends it’s greeting at every glance outside of the bedroom window, along with a soft breeze of chilly Autumn air.


IMG_0915Travelling is fun


2 Comments Add yours

  1. roy says:

    Amazing! Now I REALLY feel like I gotta get out of here …

    1. beckmakescakes says:

      DO it!
      Itäs amazing! I say this trzing to find the letters on a German keyboard having forgotten to print out mz boarding pass before heading to an airport that where there is a printer famine.

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