Into the trees… into the treeees

Ok,¬† so after a few years of being embarrassingly¬† lazy when it comes to my writing and having just recently been skilfully directed to this new and easy enough to use blog site… I have decided to shape up and start posting my stories, poetry and other randoms for the bored or easily intrigued!

Have fun… and have cake!

The Soundless Musician

He drifts amidst his memories
Caressing his guitar,
Whilst mourning for the melodies
His mind forever bars.

We’ve seen him dance on crumbling walls
As his fingers start to sing,
And whilst he plays upon the wind
To deafness, songs he brings.

And through the years he plays, he plays
His music unsurpassed.
His fans no more than passing days
Until he plays his last.


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  1. beckmakescakes says:

    I wonder what I mean…

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