Death of a Dream

Our silent trees amidst the breeze
Have lost their ancient voice
Where rivers freeze the dying leaves
We hide for lack of choice

We dream of skies to hear our cries
To ward away deceit
Alas thine lies are our demise
Now thy’ll suffer our defeat

Some years gone by, the river’s dry
Thine children all grown old
They write their tears for all the years
Thee left them in the cold

And still the trees be dead in breeze
For no one seeks to know
That for the leaves to live and tease
They’ll need the fae to grow

But to this day I fear to say
Of we they have heard none
Instead they play some lands away
With lives and loaded guns


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ケーキはおいしいです!<3 ❤ ❤

It’s time for tea!

Nothing better than something deliciously sweet… and cute of course!

I made these cakes throughout 2007 for family and friends -ancient, I know – but as soon as I get back to my pretty home lands I’ll get right back to work on sculpting some more!


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The lands of little Mystery

Little Mystery

Come see my pretty Mystery
She plays in fields of coal
Her eyes reciting melodies
Imprinted in her soul

She rests beneath the rain-kissed trees
And paints on clouded skies
While driftwood dreams, amidst the breeze
Embark upon her sighs

Be kind to little Mystery
Whose mind dwells far away
In search of all her memories
Forever gone astray.

She writes enchanted melodies
of treasures in the air
a beauty sadly lost to us
whose minds all fail to care

And while her mind does dance and play
Upon the silver moon
Young Mystery forever strays
Within her painted tune.

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Into the trees… into the treeees

Ok,  so after a few years of being embarrassingly  lazy when it comes to my writing and having just recently been skilfully directed to this new and easy enough to use blog site… I have decided to shape up and start posting my stories, poetry and other randoms for the bored or easily intrigued!

Have fun… and have cake!

The Soundless Musician

He drifts amidst his memories
Caressing his guitar,
Whilst mourning for the melodies
His mind forever bars.

We’ve seen him dance on crumbling walls
As his fingers start to sing,
And whilst he plays upon the wind
To deafness, songs he brings.

And through the years he plays, he plays
His music unsurpassed.
His fans no more than passing days
Until he plays his last.

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